Tips for teen drivers in case of a breakdown

For many young drivers, car maintenance is kept up by their parents who remind them to get their oil changed and tires rotated. While vehicle breakdowns can happen for a variety of reasons, there are some important tips teen drivers should remember when it happens.

If possible, drivers should get their car off the road to avoid interrupting traffic or causing another accident. Vehicles should be moved to the right side of the roadway and drivers are advised to apply their parking brake. Emergency lights should also be turned on to alert other drivers.

After moving the vehicle, teen drivers should call for assistance. Many Virginia auto insurance companies offer additional coverage that provides roadside assistance, which can aid in breakdowns and reduce the cost of towing.

Teen drivers should stay inside of their vehicles while waiting for help to arrive with their doors locked and seatbelt fastened. While strangers may offer help, drivers can ensure their safety by simply letting them know help is already on the way.

Tire problems can be scary for any driver, but drivers who have never changed a flat tire should not make their first time on the side of the road. These repairs can be practiced at home to make teen drivers more comfortable in the event they need to do the real thing.

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