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Virginia farms step up egg production in spring

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Virginia farms produce nearly 700 million eggs each year according to the Virginia Poultry Federation, and with spring’s arrival that means an abundance for the ultimate egg season.

Fast-start Breakfast Sandwich

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For those who are in a rush in the morning, try making a breakfast sandwich to go. An egg in the morning will give you some extra protein that will help keep away those hunger pangs until lunchtime.

U.S. egg production recovers, prices returning to normal

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Two years after one of the nation’s worst high-pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks decimated laying flocks, U.S. egg production has recovered, and prices seem to be returning to normal.

Easter egg fun for everyone – the natural way!

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You don’t need any special egg dyeing kits to get vibrant colored eggs. And all it takes are some ingredients you may even have on hand. If not, a quick trip to your local grocery store or market is all you need.

Make an egg-stra special treat for Easter brunch—or anytime!

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Eggs are high-protein powerhouses that are typically eaten for breakfast or brunch but can be enjoyed at any meal. National Egg Salad Week is April 12-18, so here’s a twist on a classic egg salad recipe from the Virginia Egg Council—for brunch or anytime.

With so many labels, it can be hard to know eggs-actly what you’re buying!

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It’s still the “Incredible, Edible Egg.” But since the catchy jingle was introduced in 1977 by the American Egg Board, grocery store shelves have expanded to include cartons and cartons of eggs with different labels such as “organic,” “cage-free,” “hormone-free” and “natural.” 

Breakthrough egg production study reveals significant reduction in environmental impact

A landmark study conducted by the Egg Industry Center has given the industry something to crow about. 

Retail findings show Americans buying mostly cage-produced eggs

Something to ponder while doing the holiday baking: The United States is the fifth-greatest per capita consumer of eggs, at 246 eggs per person each year, according to the International Egg Commission.

Most consumers buy eggs from cage systems

A study of retail checkout scanner transactions indicates Americans are buying eggs from farms that use cage housing for their hens by a margin of 40 to one over eggs from cage-free systems.

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