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Dietitian: Don’t fall for diet disasters

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Not much time has passed since everyone made those new year’s resolutions to eat better, or eat less. National Nutrition Month is an opportunity to reassess.

Fruity French Toast

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Try this delicious recipe for Fruity French Toast to start off your day and help you meet your daily requirements.

Homemade eggnog—season’s sipping, without Salmonella

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Dec. 24 is National Eggnog Day, but the holiday treat is readily available weeks before that. Getting thirsty?

Benefit-rich broccoli is for more than just steaming

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You can boil, puree, steam or stir-fry it, because broccoli is both beneficial and versatile.

Fruited Irish Oatmeal

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This hearty winter breakfast has whole grains from the oats, lots of vitamins and antioxidants from the fruits and good fat from the nuts. It's not only healthy. It's tasty, too!

Sweet potatoes pack a nutritious punch

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Sweet news for yam fans: Carbohydrates can be good for you—as long as they’re complex carbohydrates, like those found in sweet potatoes.

Farm-to-table event exposes nutrition knowledge gap

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More than 50 medical, nutrition and nursing students from the University of Virginia toured local farms and enjoyed local foods at a Farm Bureau-sponsored farm-to-table event Sept. 25.

Don’t let heat stress get you down

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Heat stress won’t just slow you down—it also can be deadly.

FDA to examine food labels that influence consumer decisions

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Consumers often make food purchases based on labels, which can affect their health.

Extension, American Farm Bureau working to prevent rural opioid abuse

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Virginia Cooperative Extension has been awarded a grant to help with the opioid crisis affecting Virginians, especially those in rural areas.

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