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Cut flower growers’ conference set for March

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Five years ago, the U.S. Census of Agriculture estimated that the number of Virginia cut flower producers had jumped from 117 in 2007 to 227 in 2012.

Virginia orchid growers dig into a thriving market

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Move over poinsettias, because orchids are now the top-selling potted flower in the U.S. That shift opens the door for Virginia nurseries and greenhouses to branch out in the $288 million orchid industry.

Relieve boxwoods of winter’s wear and tear

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Boxwood trees are great foundation plants and also can be used for privacy screening, but they are susceptible to winter storm damage, said horticulturalist Mark Viette.

Giving gifts of flowering bulbs can brighten the holidays

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Flower bulbs are beautiful gifts for the holidays. Purchased from local greenhouses and nurseries, bulbs will bloom indoors, providing a bright accent on bleak winter days.

A tale of two flower farmers

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Virginia cut flower farms grew from 117 in 2007 to 227 in 2012. Read about two flower farmers and how their businesses are blooming.

Unique orchid farm blooms in Central Virginia

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A unique greenhouse on 18 acres in Powhatan County houses more than 13,000 orchids; 8,000 of which are in “orchid daycare.”

Poinsettia plants can brighten up any space

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Trees and flowers may be dormant during the cold winter months, but colorful plants like poinsettias can brighten up any space in your home.

Gifts of flowering bulbs can brighten the holidays

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Holiday shopping for flower lovers is a snap with a gift of potted bulbs.

Greenhouses and high tunnels allow farmers to get a jump on spring

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Farmers will have fresh, local summer produce available sooner than ever this spring, thanks to technology that can add several weeks to growing seasons.

Extra attention helps cut flowers stay vibrant longer

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Cut flowers can brighten up your day—and your home. If you received fresh flowers this holiday season and want to keep them fresher longer, a little extra attention can go a long way.

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