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Speaker: Animal rights groups ‘cherry-picking’ scripture

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The Animal Agriculture Alliance is warning American farmers and ranchers that animal rights groups are increasing efforts to give modern agriculture a negative image by attempting to influence major religious denominations.

Cattlemen take extra precautions when weather is frigid

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January’s weather can be frightful; and for Virginia cattlemen, frigid temperatures call for extra precautions for their livestock.

Report finds farmers’ animal care continuously improving

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A recent report from the Animal Agriculture Alliance found that livestock producers are making strides in animal care, environmental sustainability and food safety.

AFBF: FDA’s livestock antibiotic proposals based on theory

Citing a lack of data to support limiting antibiotic use in livestock, the American Farm Bureau Federation has told the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that it is concerned about proposals that would restrict antibiotic use based on unproven theory.

Taking agriculture back in time ‘will not feed the world today’

Big companies are trying to change the way U.S. farmers operate their businesses, but some things don’t need changing.

Grandin to cattlemen: See surroundings as livestock would

Farmers will find it much easier to handle livestock if they understand an animal’s point of view. That’s what national animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin told close to 400 attendees Jan. 20 at the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council’s winter beef conference.

Most consumers buy eggs from cage systems

A study of retail checkout scanner transactions indicates Americans are buying eggs from farms that use cage housing for their hens by a margin of 40 to one over eggs from cage-free systems.

Halifax family cares for pigs that feed 150,000 each year

On Page and Bobbie Wilkerson’s 1,200-sow farm, caring for the animals is a 24/7 job.

Consumers getting misinformation about animal agriculture

Incorrect information about animal agriculture is being disseminated to the public, and it’s time to get the right information out there.

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