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Crop estimates yield some surprises

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The 2018 corn and soybean yield and production estimates are in from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the top Virginia county for soybean yields in 2018 was Frederick County, with an average of 55.2 bushels an acre.

Trade conference highlights winter of discontent, hope for spring

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Speakers’ remarks evoked a mix of hope and frustration at the 11th annual Virginia Governor’s Conference on Agricultural Trade. The event was held March 5 in Richmond and drew more than 300 participants, including representatives from 15 foreign embassies.

Extended trade talks leave soybeans in storage, growers in limbo

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Virginia soybean growers already expect the 2018-2019 marketing season to be a bust. And as trade talks between China and the U.S. extend into spring, they’re worried that next year’s exports sales will slump as well.

Soggy fields have led to ongoing harvest in 2018

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Most Virginia row crops typically are harvested by Thanksgiving, but a record rainy spring and summer has led to one of the longest harvest seasons in recent memory.

Va. soybean growers hopeful despite sinking sales

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Soybeans have been Virginia’s top agricultural export for the past couple of years. Odds are they won’t be anymore.

Rainy weather leads to wide range of crop conditions

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Another rainy weekend at the end of October put some soybean producers even further behind in harvesting their crops. And while the rain from two tropical storm systems prevented drought problems, it’s been far too wet for many grain producers.

Va. soybean farmers hurt by Chinese trade tariffs

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China is the No. 1 export destination for $691 million of Virginia’s agricultural exports, so China’s retaliation for recently imposed U.S. tariffs is hurting the state’s farmers.

Heavy rains a mixed blessing for Virginia farmers

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Frequent, heavy storms between May 14 and May 20 delayed fieldwork on Virginia farms and had some impact on recently planted corn and soybeans and nearly mature small grains.

Record soybean crop like winning the Super Bowl

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This year’s Virginia soybean harvest is expected to break a record.

Summer weather patterns stress some crops

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Extremely hot temperatures and only scattered showers are the formula for poor crops for some Virginia farmers every summer, and 2017 is shaping up to be more of the same.

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