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Cattleman ships from southwest Va. to southern China

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It’s a long trip from the mountains of Southwest Virginia to southern China, but it was a trip Smyth County cattleman Seth Umbarger was ready to take to help his family farm expand.

Workshop to help cattlemen control harmful toxin

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Virginia is home to more than 1.5 million head of beef cattle, and those animals are in danger of ingesting grass infected with a harmful toxin.

Marketers beefing up holiday ads featuring red meat

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The National Cattleman’s Beef Association has released new ads for the holidays that encourage consumers to make beef the star of family meals.

Beef tastes good no matter how you dress it!

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Whether it’s dressed up or dressed down, beef makes a satisfying meal. Try this holiday appetizer or classic stew from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

Beef sticks newest niche for grass-fed farm

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Grass-fed beef sticks are the newest niche for Grayson Natural Farms in Grayson County.

Large cattle operation credits success to teamwork

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Clay Jackson likes to describe his beef cattle operation as a large family farm.

Family raising quality bulls for more than 70 years

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On a sweltering June day, 10-year-old Audrey Bennett was busy in Knoll Crest Farm’s air-conditioned office. She answered phones and ran errands and would later help move rocks.

Virginia cattle exports to Canada continue to increase

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Virginia’s marketing efforts of feeder cattle to Canada have paid off.

Virginia is home to growing beef cattle population

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Virginia’s cattle population is currently 1.5 million, which is up about 30,000 head from 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Reopened Chinese market gives U.S. beef farmers opportunity to increase exports

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U.S. cattle farmers can now export beef to China, which has opened up a previously closed market.

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