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Heavy rains a mixed blessing for Virginia farmers

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Frequent, heavy storms between May 14 and May 20 delayed fieldwork on Virginia farms and had some impact on recently planted corn and soybeans and nearly mature small grains.

Explore what’s going on at the Farm Bureau and on Virginia’s farms

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Virginia Farm Bureau’s been packaging up some delightful December looks at Virginia agriculture for its weekly television program, Real Virginia. Broadcasts this month focus on the state’s stock of fresh Christmas trees, the bustle of cotton harvest season and the annual state auctioneer championship. There’s also a visit to the farms of Carroll County.

Virginia cotton growers optimistic about yields

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Virginia cotton growers are expecting an excellent crop this year.

Virginia cotton production hit more wrinkles in 2016

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Corn and soybean producers in Virginia managed to have a good year in 2016 despite weather challenges, but cotton growers saw their yields plummet as heavy rain ended the growing season.

Is cotton part of your back-to-school clothes?

Virginia cotton farmers may have grown the materials for your son’s new blue jeans or your daughter’s trendy T-shirt.

Global cotton consumption expected to exceed production

World cotton consumption is expected to grow modestly during the 2016-2017 marketing year, reaching 110.8 million bales. That is similar to 2014-2015 levels after dipping slightly in 2015-2016.

Cotton harvest ‘a very mixed bag’ after wet weather

There will be no record cotton crop in Virginia this year. Heavy rains the weeks of Sept. 27 and Oct. 4 knocked significant yields off this year’s cotton harvest, although not enough to declare crop disasters, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Heavy rainfall virtually halts fieldwork, damages some Va. crops

Although Gov. Terry McAuliffe said Virginia “dodged a bullet” with Hurricane Joaquin, farmers still got hit with crop damage.

New cotton fabric cleans itself when exposed to sunlight

Imagine jeans, sweats or socks—all made with cotton—that clean and deodorize themselves when hung on a clothesline in the sun or draped on a balcony railing.

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