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Save even more on your next Ford or Lincoln!

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Vehicle-shopping Farm Bureau members are eligible for more than $500 in bonus cash for eligible Ford and Lincoln vehicles.

Estate planning essential for a happy, healthy retirement

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Getting ready to retire? Congratulations! You worked too hard for too long to have to struggle financially now. That’s why estate planning should not be overlooked.

Planning holiday travel? Get your lodging lined up!

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Your holidays can be even happier when you make lodging reservations early and save money with your Farm Bureau membership.

Make fall yard work easier, and save on a zero-turn John Deere mower

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Make fall yard work easier, and save on a zero-turn John Deere mower.

County Farm Bureaus stay involved in their communities

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Virginia Farm Bureau is a statewide membership organization made up of 88 individual county Farm Bureaus that are involved in their respective communities. 

Hit the road over spring break and save as you travel!

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Spring break is a great time to get away, and you’ll find your Farm Bureau membership savings travel well.

Get poetic savings on a Valentines Day surprise

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The savings your Farm Bureau membership affords you on Valentines Day surprises is simply poetic!

Your membership means savings on John Deere products

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Whether you farm on a large scale or you like to keep your residential lot looking great, you can receive valuable John Deere discounts just for being a Virginia Farm Bureau member.

Member benefits yield great gifts

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Your Farm Bureau membership can help you give—and save on—some great holiday gifts!

New benefit! Ford, Lincoln offering Bonus Cash toward purchase or lease

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In the market for a new car or truck? Farm Bureau members in Virginia are eligible for two offers through Jan. 2, 2018.

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