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Upgraded businessowner policy offers more coverage

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Virginia Farm Bureau insurance can help business owners simplify, save and get back to business.

Free Medicare educational seminars offered statewide

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If you’re on or soon to be on disability, nearing retirement age, or age 65 and still working, Medicare may be on your mind.

Farm Bureau members can attend free Medicare seminars

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Medicare is complicated, but Virginia Farm Bureau makes it easier to understand this important healthcare coverage with free educational seminars around the state.

Preventive care results in fewer illnesses

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Preventive care consists of measures taken to prevent illnesses rather than cure them or treat their symptoms. Most health insurance plans include coverage of preventive care, which benefits both the consumer and health insurance companies through early detection and reduced health care spending.

Hanover insurance agent succeeds using the Golden Rule

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Last year’s Ralph Stokes Award winner, Chris Adams of Hanover County, was recognized by his peers for the characteristics the organization’s highest honor celebrates.

Don't let a chimney fire cancel out savings on heat

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Wood-burning is a popular way to save money and effectively heat your home when the cost of fuel continues to increase. But with more people burning wood, the risks of home fires are expected to increase as well.

Make sure your home is winter weather-ready

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Winter is coming: Prepare your home now for potential inclement weather and freezing temperatures.

Estate planning essential for a happy, healthy retirement

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Getting ready to retire? Congratulations! You worked too hard for too long to have to struggle financially now. That’s why estate planning should not be overlooked.

New insurance service should help dairy farmers

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Virginia’s dairy farmers are in a world of hurt, but a new Dairy Revenue Protection insurance policy will provide some measure of relief.

Some bike helmets protect heads better than others

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Bicycle helmets have been shown to reduce the risk of head injuries in cycling, but consumers have had little purchasing information until now.

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