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Tour reveals an encouraging winter wheat crop

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Participants in the Virginia portion of the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Wheat Tour were encouraged by what they saw on farms in the eastern part of the state.

Virginia winter wheat production forecast to be up 23 percent

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Virginia farmers expect to harvest 11.7 million bushels of winter wheat during 2018, 23 percent more than a year ago, according to a recent yield survey.

Wheat buyers, others will check out this year’s crop during tour

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Millers, granary operators and traders will be inspecting the quality of Virginia-grown wheat May 30 and 31 as part of the annual mid-Atlantic wheat tour.

Virginia wheat growers have new marketing option

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Virginia wheat growers pride themselves on raising a top-quality crop, and now they have a new buyer.

Winter wheat growers optimistic heading into harvest

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As some Virginia grain farmers wait for good spring weather to plant their crops, winter wheat growers are just a few weeks from harvesting theirs.

Farmers digging into winter planting season

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Fall is harvest season for most Virginia crops, but it’s also planting season for some farmers, especially winter wheat growers.

Wheat tour reveals improved quality and yield potential

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Assessments of the state’s current wheat crop left participants in the second annual Virginia Wheat Tour optimistic last week.

Despite setbacks, small grains play important role on state’s farms

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Virginia barley and winter wheat harvests have been on a downward trend for several years, and 2016 was an especially disappointing one for growers.

Wheat, barley production down 33%, lowest since 2010

A cold, wet spring had a chilling effect on Virginia’s wheat and barley crops.

New tour in Virginia may help expand production of soft wheat

Virginia wheat growers’ crops will be highlighted during a mid-Atlantic tour June 10. Industry stakeholders have conducted wheat quality tours in the Midwest for decades, but mid-Atlantic soft wheat tours are still in their infancy.

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