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Farm bill’s dairy components intended to help stabilize farms

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As lawmakers began crafting the 2018 Farm Bill, the nation’s dairy farmers let them know they needed protections that amount to more than a drop in the bucket.

2018 Farm Bill provides important safety net for farmers

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In an uncertain business, the 2018 Farm Bill brings America’s farmers and ranchers five years of certainty by providing improved risk management tools and crop insurance.

New farm bill provides hope for Virginia farmers

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The 2018 Farm Bill is set to become law, and President Trump is expected to sign it this afternoon.

Farm groups step up support of new farm bill

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The American Farm Bureau Federation has joined 15 other agriculture organizations urging House and Senate agriculture leaders to complete the federal farm bill by the end of the year.

Conservation initiatives will continue with new farm bill

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Farm bills provide crop insurance and nutritional assistance, but they also play a vital role in helping farmers conserve natural resources.

Consumers, farmers stand to benefit from 2018 Farm Bill

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Progress on the upcoming farm bill is critical to both farmers and food assistance program participants.

2018 Farm Bill advances with Senate vote

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The newest federal farm bill is closer to becoming reality following a bipartisan vote on June 28 that approved the Senate version.

Keep hope alive: farmers optimistic about farm bill

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Farmers are disappointed in the House’s defeat of the 2018 Farm Bill, but are optimistic that there will be a farm bill before the end of the year.

Farmers watching farm bill progress intently

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The nation’s top farm legislation is up for renewal this year. But delays in producing the first draft of the 2018 Farm Bill, in addition to four years of declining crop prices, have many farmers concerned.

Number of dairy farmers using safety net program declines

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The number of dairy farmers using the 2014 Farm Bill’s Dairy Margin Protection Program is the lowest it’s been since the program was introduced, according to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency.

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