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Herb gardening offers many flavorful options

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Freshly cut herbs are a flavorful addition to many recipes and are increasingly easy to find. Many grocery stores carry potted culinary herbs in the produce section, ready to consume.

Winter-damaged shrubs call for patience, then pruning

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Freeze damage is easily visible on many evergreen shrubs at the beginning of spring, and the temptation to prune those plants back right away can be strong.

Be frugal when buying new plants— split them into more plants

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No matter what you’re buying, every penny counts. And dividing newly purchased daylilies, hostas, tall bearded irises and ferns can save you $50 or more.

How to maintain holiday plants

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So you received beautiful plants for the holidays now how do you make them last into the new year?

Relieve boxwoods of winter’s wear and tear

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Boxwood trees are great foundation plants and also can be used for privacy screening, but they are susceptible to winter storm damage, said horticulturalist Mark Viette.

Give home gardeners gifts they will dig

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Make your favorite gardener’s holiday a little brighter with presents that will come in handy this spring, or can be enjoyed indoors during the winter months.

Decorate for the holidays, from the outside in

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Cold temperatures shouldn’t keep you from using outdoor items to create fresh arrangements for inside.

Deck the halls, but beware of boxwood blight

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Boxwood blight, which has been found in about 30 Virginia counties, can deliver a dose of dieback to an unwitting landscape.

Freshen up your home for the holidays

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Whether it’s a fresh wreath or swag adorning your door, doorways or hallways—these greens can add to your enjoyment of the holiday season.

Make your own colonial swag

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Learn how to make your own colonial swag

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