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Consumers urged to drink milk, not ‘milk’ juice

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Soy, almond and coconut beverages are labeled as “milk,” but they are not. Find out why those labels are being studied.

Farm bill’s dairy components intended to help stabilize farms

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As lawmakers began crafting the 2018 Farm Bill, the nation’s dairy farmers let them know they needed protections that amount to more than a drop in the bucket.

On Real Virginia: Food banks receiving steady flow of fresh milk

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Learn how the state’s agricultural community is making sure food banks have plenty of milk for those in need.

Va. dairy farmers helping food-insecure households

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The state’s first milk purchase program to benefit food-insecure families was announced Dec. 5 at the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, located in the heart of dairy country.

New insurance product to provide some relief to dairy farmers

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A new insurance product created to provide some relief to dairy farmers is on sale now.

‘Buy cow milk, not nut juices’ to help dairy farmers

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Consumers can help bolster Virginia’s declining dairy industry by purchasing local milk and milk products.

Some rural businesses get help from VA FAIRS

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Hundreds of farmers have been helped by the Virginia Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation and Rural Sustainabilitysince it was formed in 2004. Its creation was spearheaded by Virginia Farm Bureau Federation.

Public encouraged to comment on ‘dairy imitation’ labeling

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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is asking for the public’s input on labeling non-dairy foods as milk.

New insurance service should help dairy farmers

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Virginia’s dairy farmers are in a world of hurt, but a new Dairy Revenue Protection insurance policy will provide some measure of relief.

Mexican trade tariffs hurting Va. dairymen’s bottom line

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Every $1 of U.S. dairy products exported to Mexico generates $2.50 of economic activity in the U.S., according to the U.S. Dairy Export Council.

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