Save Money When Renewing Your Auto Insurance

Saving money when renewing or purchasing auto insurance is a consumer priority - and there are a few steps to take that will guarantee a budget-friendly insurance plan. The insurance market is competitive - agents and companies are vying to help save you money, so take advantage of these tips:


Consider factors that impact insurance costs before buying a car. Don't forget that safety records, likelihood of theft and repair costs all have an effect on how much you spend on insurance.


Request a higher deductible. Paying more money before your insurance policy takes effect may actually save you money on your premium. By asking for a higher deductible on collision or comprehensive coverage, you may receive substantial savings on premium costs.


Drop some coverage on old cars. Paying for comprehensive or collision coverage on a car with a market value 10 times less than your insurance premium is not a cost-effective strategy.


Inquire about applicable discounts. Anything from purchasing an anti-theft device to having a student driver with good grades could save you money on your insurance policy, so always ask what discounts are available for you

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