Life Changes May Help Save Money On Insurance Premium

For many drivers, the number of monthly expenses that come with having a car can add up quickly, especially when gas prices are high. While maintaining adequate coverage is essential, there are some ways drivers can slash the cost of car insurance without jeopardizing protection.


Many drivers may not be aware of discounts offered by their auto insurer, so digging for deals is one way to lower the cost of coverage. Some companies may offer discounts for policyholders who have taken defensive driving courses or have installed anti-theft devices in their vehicles. Drivers who have been a loyal customers or don't drive an extended amount of miles in a year may also be offered a better rate.


Policyholders may also see a cut in price after improving their credit score. Some ways to increase a credit score include paying off any debt, making payments on time and not asking for additional lines of credit.


Some additional coverage can be dropped to lower the cost of auto insurance, such as comprehensive or roadside assistance. While eliminating these from a policy can lower the cost of auto insurance, not having coverage in case of an emergency may result in more out-of-pocket expenses.


Give your local Virginia Farm Bureau agent a call to review your policy for potential discounts created by changing life circumstances, or to receive a quote.

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