Protect Your Feet From Summer Heat

Summer’s hot weather can have a damaging impact on an area of your body you don't immediately consider--your feet. Your puppies work and play hard no matter what the thermometer says.


To protect your feet from summer heat:

  • Always wear shoes. This is especially important at the beach or pool where hot sand and pavement can burn the bottoms of your feet and toes, or you can accidentally step on something sharp.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen. Generously apply sunscreen wherever your feet might be exposed to the sun— the tops and bottoms of your feet, your heels, and your toes. And reapply after your feet get wet.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help reduce swelling in your feet, as well as keep your body cool.
  • Change your socks. If you’re doing lots of walking, or you wear hot, heavy boots, keep your feet dry by changing into clean, dry socks frequently throughout the day. Excess moisture from perspiration can make your feet more susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections.

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