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When you join Virginia Farm Bureau, you’re joining your local county Farm Bureau. The Virginia Farm Bureau Federation is made up of 88 such county affiliates.

During the next four months, all 88 county Farm Bureaus will gather with their respective communities for annual membership meetings.  Most meetings include associate and producer members, and members will receive an invitation by mail.

The annual meeting is the most important meeting of the year for most county Farm Bureaus and is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of their grassroots organization. Farm Bureau members have an opportunity to learn about their organization, conduct necessary business such as elections of officers and discuss and approve resolutions. Most importantly, the meetings help to actively engage members in local, state and national agriculture issues.  

So what happens during a county Farm Bureau annual meeting? 

While all annual meetings share the uniformity of required business actions, the remainder of the meetings can vary considerably. Depending on the issues affecting farmer members in specific areas of the state, Virginia Farm Bureau may provide relevant information on a variety of topics during the meeting. Guest speakers are usually a part of the agenda and may include Farm Bureau staff, local, state or federal officials and local FFA members. 

What is the most popular aspect of the annual meeting? 

The food. County Farm Bureaus know how to serve a delicious meal, and menus can vary from seafood buffets or steak and potatoes to smoked chicken, barbecue or a locally grown mix of fruit, vegetables and meats. As good as the main meal is, it is always topped off with desserts that include cakes, pies and other sweet treats prepared by some of the best cooks in Virginia. County Farm Bureau women’s committee members often lead the dessert charge.

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