Protecting Your New Bling

Did you add something sparkly to your jewelry box this Valentine’s Day? If you did, you need to look into protecting it—now.


Nearly 20 percent of people say “Happy heart day” with jewelry. And whether it’s gold, silver, diamonds, emeralds, or any other bling to adorn your body, insurance should be a priority. Insurance isn’t romantic, but it does protect your items so they can be replaced if they’re lost, damaged, or stolen. Granted, sentimental value is irreplaceable, but the dollar value of the item itself can be quantified for replacement.


Your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies offer protection for jewelry, but coverage can be limited. Purchasing a rider to cover the additional value of the item is an option. Costs vary based on the jewelry’s value and what you do to keep your jewelry safe—like keeping it in a safe. Your Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance agent can help guide you through the process, including how to document the value of your jewelry so it’s protected at full value.


Don’t wait to protect your new bling—and any pieces you already have. If that new ring slips off the counter and down the disposal tomorrow, you’ll be glad you did.

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