Online resource guide provides ag information for educators, advocates

WASHINGTON—The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has released a new Food & Ag Resource Guide at that features recommended agriculture-related resources by age group.

The guide is intended to offer an organized system for educators and ag advocates to find the latest resources online.

From books like Who Grew My Soup?, which teaches about how food gets from farm to fork, to Clue In, which shares facts about common farm animals, the guide encourages agricultural literacy among both rural and urban students.

“This new guide is very user-friendly,” said Tammy Maxey, senior education program coordinator for Virginia’s Agriculture in the Classroom program.

Julie Tesch, executive director of the foundation, noted that people from the agricultural community “are often invited into local classrooms but do not have access to resources appropriate for students. The Food & Ag Resource Guide provides appropriate and accurate activities and resources developed to help students learn about agriculture.”

Resources can be sorted by subjects like animals, the environment and technology. All of the resources align with AFBFA’s Pillars of Agricultural Literacy tool.

The pillars tool explains the relationships between agriculture and the environment; food, fiber and energy; animals; lifestyle; technology; and the economy. It strives to clarify messages that leaders in the agriculture industry believe are important for all members of society to know, understand and appreciate.

The resources listed in the guide have been reviewed by educators, and new submissions will be considered annually.

Media: Contact Maxey at 804-290-1143.

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