Hands-Free Is Not Risk-Free for Drivers

Even when your hands are on the steering wheel, your mind is busy—making hands-free devices far from risk-free for drivers.

According to experts, use of hands-free devices still causes distracted driving because the driver’s attention is not fully focused on the road ahead. A new report claims hands-free devices like speech-based technology in cars are just as dangerous as handheld devices for texting and talking.

The report included testing drivers with a variety of types of distractions, including listening to the radio, talking with a passenger, talking on a handheld phone, and using hands-free devices. Hands-free devices resulted in a level 3 distraction—the highest risk. Comparatively, listening to the radio was only a level 1 distraction.

Every day, more than 9 people are killed in the U.S. as the results of distracted driving. And every day more than 1,000 are injured.

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