Farming alliance supports documentary about GMOs

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo.—The U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance believes the documentary, Food Evolution, may go a long way toward changing people’s minds about genetically modified organisms in agriculture.

“GMOs have been one of the three forefront issues that we have tried to address with consumers because there are always questions about the technology,” explained Randy Krotz, USFRA chief executive officer.

“I’m confident getting people to see this film is a core ingredient to help them understand, change their minds and further their understanding of agriculture and the science behind agriculture,” Krotz noted. “We got behind this film because I saw with my own eyes when an audience in D.C. shifted their feelings about GMOs.”

The Institute of Food Technologists, a nonprofit group of 18,000 food scientists from around the world, commissioned the documentary.

“At the top of the pyramid for making this film was what the science tells us,” explained Scott Hamilton Kennedy, director, producer and writer of the documentary. “Thousands of studies have been done, and scientific agencies around the world have looked at GMOs and said they are safe for the planet.

Kennedy found the issue both interesting and controversial.

“Most importantly, the story is not being told correctly,” he stressed. “Many of my fellow documentarians have made films that have gotten the conversation wrong and sometimes manipulated the conversation.”

The growing world population and the related need for a plentiful food supply is a serious conversation, Kennedy said. He envisions the film potentially bridging the two sides of the emotionally-charged GMO issue.

“GMOs have been proven safe, yet there continues to be confusion about the issue,” noted Tony Banks, a commodity marketing specialist for Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, which is a member of USFRA. “Watching this film could lead to a better understanding of the value of GMOs to farmers and give accurate information to consumers.”

USFRA plans to show Food Evolution on college campuses, and it is available on iTunes, Amazon and Hulu.

Media: Contact Banks at 804-290-1114. 

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