Meat Matters: Animal Agriculture Alliance debuts campaign

WASHINGTON—The Animal Agriculture Alliance unveiled on Feb. 1 a campaign focused on promoting the role of meat and poultry in a healthy, balanced diet. The Meat Matters initiative counters claims made by activist groups about the nutritional value of animal protein, as well as the sustainability of meat and poultry production.

“We’ve heard a lot of concern over the years from our members about activists pushing the “Meatless Mondays” movement in their local schools and communities,” said Kay Johnson Smith, alliance president and CEO. “This misleading movement is another tactic to eliminate consumer choice—the ability that we each have to determine the right food choices for ourselves and our families. Our new campaign will help consumers sort through the myths and misinformation to understand the true value of meat and protein in their diets.”

The Alliance has for years maintained online resources for consumers related to modern animal agriculture. Meat Matters content on its website includes facts about meat’s nutritional value, editorial pieces by third-party experts on nutrition and sustainability and links to published, peer-reviewed research.

“It’s easy to find celebrities and other public figures who are very public about their choice to follow vegetarian or vegan diets,” said Hannah Thompson, alliance communications director. “Unfortunately, we don’t hear as much from meat-eaters, who make up the vast majority of the population. We want to help people feel confident about their choice to include meat and poultry in their diets.”

The Meat Matters initiative “is a useful, science-based resource for consumers,” said Lindsay Reames, assistant director of governmental relations for Virginia Farm Bureau Federation. “Animal proteins are excellent sources of important nutrients, and over the past half-century U.S. farmers have made significant strides in producing more quality products with fewer natural resources.”

Media: Contact Reames at 804-290-1019 or Thompson at 703-562-1413.

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