Fast-start Breakfast Sandwich

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For those who are in a rush in the morning, try making a breakfast sandwich to go.

An egg in the morning will give you some extra protein that will help keep away those hunger pangs until lunchtime.

Another fun and fast way to cook an egg in the morning is to make an egg in the basket.

Cut a 2-inch circular hole in a piece of whole-grain bread. Place the bread in a pan that has been coated with olive oil. Brown the bread slightly on both sides.

Next, crack an egg into the center of the hole. Sprinkle your favorite spice on the egg, and cook it until the yolk and white are firm.

Fast-start Breakfast Sandwich

2 egg whites, 1 whole egg
pinch of dried dill, garlic powder, pepper, salt or your favorite spice blend
1 tablespoon lowfat or skim milk
olive oil
1 tablespoon shredded lowfat
Cheddar cheese
1 toasted English muffin, mini pita or whole-wheat wrap
1/8 cup chopped tomatoes, optional

Combine the first three ingredients. Beat until blended. Coat a coffee cup with olive oil. Put the egg mixture in the cup, cover with a paper towel and cook in a microwave for 30 to 45 seconds. Scoop out the cooked egg mixture onto English muffin or into a pita or wrap. Sprinkle with cheese and chopped tomatoes.

Source: Virginia Cooperative Extension

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