Sweet corn looking good despite soaring temperatures

RICHMOND—Summer and sweet corn go hand in hand. This year should be no exception, despite recent 90-plus degree days.

"Most of the sweet corn grown in Virginia is irrigated, which helps during all the heat we have had," said David Coleman, grain manager for Virginia Farm Bureau Federation.

Wet weather in early spring and seasonal warmth helped growers get a good start. Virginia sweet corn typically becomes available around July 4 and lasts through August.

While sweet corn accounts for only about 1 percent of all the corn produced in the United States, it is a value-added crop for Virginia farmers. The majority of corn grown in the state is for grain uses, and in 2008 Virginia growers harvested 340,000 acres of feed corn for animals.

Sweet corn is grown all over Virginia and available in season at most farmers’ markets. Consumers looking for fresh, local corn can find markets and other retail locations with the Fresh Food Locator feature on Farm Bureau’s Save Our Food website at SaveOurFood.org.

For tips on preparing sweet corn visit howtocookcornonthecob.com.

Contact Coleman at 804-290-1105 or Sherri McKinney, VFBF senior video producer, at 804-290-1148.

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