Make the holidays last longer—plant your Christmas tree

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RICHMOND—Enjoy your Christmas tree year-round when you buy it live and plant it in your garden or home landscape.

Live Christmas trees are those with the root ball still attached to the tree. Live Christmas trees that do well outdoors as well as indoors in Virginia are green spruce, blue spruce, concolor or white fir, white pine and Fraser fir, according to Augusta County horticulturalist and holiday décor enthusiast André Viette.

Taking good care of the tree while it is indoors helps ensure that it does well outdoors.
While displaying the tree in your home, it’s best to keep it in a large galvanized tub that doesn’t leak, Viette said. “Line the tub with plastic to ensure extra protection from water leaking. And make sure the tree isn’t near a radiator where heat will hit it.”

Too much water in the tub can cause the root ball to break.

After the holidays, plant directly in the ground. In colder Virginia climates, it’s best to plan ahead, Viette said. Dig a hole, and add amended soil. “Use compost, peat and Plant-tone (an organic plant food) where the tree will be planted,” he said. Then cover the hole with straw until ready to plant.

A sunny or bright and shaded location is best for planting a live Christmas tree. Keep in mind that the tree has been inside where it is warm. There are tips for ensuring a smooth transition at

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