Make Sure Teens Are Ready For Summer Driving

As the weather begins to warm and more students prepare for summer days spent in Virginia Beach or other locations, officials are stressing the need for younger motorists to drive safely.


While Virginia law bans all cell phone use by new drivers, and texting for all drivers, many teens ignore those regulations.


The National Organizations for Youth Safety, a coalition of different driving groups, is calling on both parents and teens to reduce accidents on the road. Long-term safety improvements could lower Virginia auto insurance rates and also reduce the number of injuries seen on the roads.


"As more teens head to the roads this summer, we urge them to be aware of the risks to their lives," said Charlene Lake, the group's chief sustainability officer and senior vice president. "We're committed to this cause. When it comes to texting and driving … it can wait."


The group says summer is the most dangerous time of year for teen drivers. Data from the 2010 Fatality Analysis Reporting System showed 45 teen highway deaths nationwide each summer weekend that year.

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