Keep Kids Warm During Winter Weather

It’s important to take extra care to keep your kids safe and warm when they’re playing outside this winter—whether it’s snowing or just plain cold outside. Kids are more prone to winter weather-related injuries because their bodies are different. The result? Hypothermia and frostbite occur more frequently among children.


Many times children also don’t realize they’re getting too cold, making it even more important for parents and other caregivers to help make sure kids stay safe while they’re having fun.


Some important tips to keep in mind include:


• Dress in layers so moisture can be kept away from the skin.

• Remove wet layers as soon as possible.

• Choose fleece and wool to help keep moisture away from the skin. Cotton doesn’t insulate once it absorbs moisture.

• Always wear a hat to retain body heat.

• Always cover ears, nose, hands, and feet to protect against frostbite.


When your kids are playing outside, make sure they take breaks so they can come inside—a warm drink and a snack will also help them warm up and refuel. Once they’re inside, immediately remove any wet clothing, and never put that clothing back on again when they go outside. If you can’t replace wet clothing with dry alternatives, keep the kids inside until you can get those items dry.


Follow these tips to keep the whole family safe in cold weather, because winter weather injuries are just no fun.

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