Don’t Take This News Sitting Down!

We know lots of things aren’t good for us. High-fat diets. Smoking. Not wearing a seat belt. But sitting down? If you spend lots of time sitting down, it can, in fact, be hazardous to your health.


The more time you spend sitting, the higher your risk for chronic health problems, according to a new health study that ties major health risks like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease to sitting for long periods without getting up and moving around. This isn’t good news for people who park themselves at a desk or behind the wheel for a living.


The study revealed that men who sat for four hours or less a day were less likely to have chronic health conditions than those who sat for four hours or more. Those who sat for at least six hours on a daily basis were in the worst position—they had significantly higher risk for diabetes. Even after factors like age, weight, height, physical activity level, income, and education were considered, the sitting-time data still held true.


The solution? Get up and get moving! As often as you can, take breaks to stretch or go for a short walk. For specific ideas, talk to your doctor about how you can improve your daily activity level, even if you have a job that requires you to sit.

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