Car Care For Holiday Shoppers

Parking lots are crowded this time of year, and many drivers are distracted by their search for deals—if not by their search for that good parking space. During the busy holidays, parking lots are particularly dangerous places for cars.


About 13 percent of all accidents occur in parking lots, and can include rear-ending someone, hitting a parked car, and backing into another car. Of course, someone can also do all of these things to your car.


Help avoid a fender bender this holiday season by driving defensively, putting down your list and your cellphone to focus on your driving, and even parking a little farther away from the store as long as it’s well-lit and you feel safe doing so. These tips will also help you avoid injuring a pedestrian.


Break-ins are another concern for your car during the holidays. To prevent a smash-and-grab, park in a well-lit area where your car is visible and not blocked by larger vehicles or foliage, keep all windows and doors closed and locked, and activate your vehicle alarm if you have one.


Perhaps most important to preventing a break-in is simply to keep your stuff out of sight—and that means everything, including accessories like power cords and suction cup mounts that tip off thieves to what might be hidden inside your vehicle. Finally, stash all of your stuff before you get to a parking lot. Thieves are on the lookout for people who put things in their trunk or cargo area and then walk away.


If you do have an incident this holiday season, contact your Virginia Farm Bureau Insurance agent as soon as possible to file your claim and get the assistance you need.

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