Bundle Up To Work Out In Colder Weather

Although the forecast in Virginia is to see temperatures drop at the end of this week, fitness fans won’t let a little cold weather keep them indoors.


As the mercury drops, it’s time to bundle up to prevent hypothermia, or the loss of too much body heat. But dressing too warmly can also be a mistake because you get sweaty, and once your sweat starts to dry, you can get chilled. The answer is simply to dress in layers, which can be removed as you heat up.


To stay warm and exercise safely, follow more advice from the American Council on Exercise:

  • Keep your head, ears, hands, and feet warm—always wear a hat or headband, gloves, and weather-appropriate socks
  • Check the weather before heading out, and stay indoors in dangerous conditions
  • Avoid cotton or tightly woven clothing, which can retain moisture next to the skin and make you damp and chilled
  • Wear a scarf or mask to cover your nose and mouth in extreme cold, to help warm the air before it enters your lungs

And just because it’s cold, don’t forget the sunscreen. Wear a lip balm that contains sunscreen as well.


You should always check with your doctor before exercising in cold weather, especially if you have conditions like asthma or heart problems.

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