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Profit from your property with Virginia Farm Bureau’s newest member benefit

Profit from your property with Virginia Farm Bureau’s newest member benefit

Virginia Farm Bureau members can get paid for leasing land to Vogue Towers for installing a wireless communication tower.

VFB has partnered with Vogue Towers to implement a marketing program to further wireless connectivity throughout Virginia while compensating Farm Bureau members. Vogue’s management team has built more than 5,000 towers in the U.S. since 1996. Cell towers allow wireless networks to better serve the communities in which they’re located, improving cell phone reception and ensuring the highest level of safety.

Members who are interested in leasing land for a tower should register their information with Vogue Towers through the Virginia Farm Bureau website. Registration is not a commitment to lease your property, but simply an expression of interest in the program. After you submit an opt-in form on that page, Vogue Towers will contact you directly when they are seeking space for tower(s) in your area.

If a tower is built on a member’s property, that member will be paid a one-time fee and then receive a monthly rent with annual escalation. The initial lease is for a 5-year term with seven 5-year renewals.

The leased area will be 55’ x 55’ up to 75’ x 75’, and the height will be determined by the phone carrier. All towers will have a secure, fenced compound. Vogue maintains insurance on the tower and takes care of all ground maintenance.

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