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Get temporary Proof of Coverage for your new vehicle

Get temporary Proof of Coverage for your new vehicle

Vehicle manufacturers start rolling out their new models toward the end of the year. This is good news for anybody who is looking to buy a new (or new-to-you) car or truck. This year’s models can be admired, and the previous year’s models will probably be discounted!

Some dealers require proof of coverage

If you are ready to buy, some dealers may require temporary proof of coverage for your new vehicle before you drive it off the lot. So, make sure you know how to get it from

Virginia Farm Bureau® Insurance policyholders can generate temporary proof of coverage by logging into their account. (Don’t have an account? Register now.)

How to get your temporary Proof of Coverage

Once you have logged into your account

  1. Locate your auto policy listed on the Account screen.
  2. Select I want to… dropdown
  3. Select Get proof of coverage
  4. Select Add New Vehicle

From there, you can select whether to add an additional vehicle, or replace an existing one on your policy.

Check your inbox

We will email you your temporary proof of coverage instantly after you complete the Proof of Coverage form. Your new vehicle will automatically be added to your auto policy.

No need to make a phone call to your local office or contact you agent. Get everything you need to drive your new car off the lot in just a couple of minutes – 24/7.