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Claims texting service now available to VFB policyholders

Claims texting service now available to VFB policyholders

Customers asked, and Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. responded. A service that allows policyholders to receive claims updates via text messaging is now available.

The new texting service launched for all lines of business in mid-July, and all VFBMIC policyholders have access to this convenient feature when submitting a claim. The messaging system is powered by Hi Marley, a platform that connects customers to their insurance companies through intelligent text messaging.

“The idea really came from our customers, because a lot of times they wanted us to text them their claim numbers, information about their adjuster or other updates related to their claims,” shared Anne Baskette, VFBMIC director of claims administration.

“And while some of our agents and adjusters who have company cellphones could meet those requests, most of our claims are worked by office personnel who don’t have cellphones or the ability to text,” she explained. “That’s when we started looking for a platform that could help us text all of our customers and meet that growing demand.”

Baskette said VFBMIC’s search centered on finding an intelligent system that could offer more than those that simply send messages asking customers to call their claims adjusters for updates.

Customers will be asked if they want to receive text messages when calling in a claim, which is still a requirement despite the new texting integration. If so, they will automatically receive messages that provide their claim number, as well as information about their claims adjuster.

Additionally, customers will receive a message any time a payment has been made on their claim. Any automated messages sent through the claims texting service will pertain only to an individual claim, and VFBMIC will never use the service to send customers information about its products.

Outside of receiving automated texts, policyholders also can utilize the messaging service to communicate directly with their adjuster instead of calling them. Through text, customers can obtain more information about their coverage, make an appointment to have their damaged property inspected, get updates on their claim status and more.

This level of personalized service typically is reserved for insurance companies that have a national presence, Baskette noted. In that regard, Virginia Farm Bureau is going above and beyond to provide its policyholders with exceptional customer service.

“If customers want us to reach them by phone, email or text, we want to meet them where they want to be met,” Baskette said. “Their lives are very busy, so they’re not always going to have the time to stop what they’re doing to call us about their claim. This texting service has really helped us be more responsive to our customers’ requests for quick and convenient updates.”