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Accident forgiveness now available for auto policies

Accident forgiveness now available for auto policies

We all want forgiveness. If you’ve been in an accident—and you are at fault—it may be forgiven if you have Accident Forgiveness Protection on your personal auto insurance policy.

Virginia Farm Bureau Fire & Casualty personal auto policies are eligible for one at-fault accident to be forgiven on a policy at any one time when Accident Forgiveness Protection is added to that policy. It applies to all private passenger, farm and utility vehicles on a policy and excludes antique automobiles and unlicensed farm use vehicles.

“Virginia Farm Bureau will forgive the first at-fault accident that occurs on that policy after this protection has been purchased and put into effect,” explained Barry Light, Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. product development manager. “This means the forgiven at-fault accident will not cause any change to existing premium adjustments that otherwise would be affected by the accident.”

That can save a lot of money and anxiety. And while subsequent at-fault accidents may become eligible for forgiveness, only one at-fault accident will be forgiven at any point in time on the policy.

“I encourage adding Accident Forgiveness to personal auto policies,” said Rob Gillions, VFBMIC agency manager and insurance agent in Essex and Richmond counties. “No one intends to have an accident, and it can be a traumatic experience. Why worry about rates possibly going up? Accident Forgiveness gives you an extra peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about rates if something unfortunate happens.”

For more information, contact your Farm Bureau insurance agent.