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Simple deterrents can help prevent thefts

Simple deterrents can help prevent thefts

Home thefts are not a new concern, but they are on the rise.

The first preventive steps anyone should take are ensuring proper outdoor lighting and securing secure all windows, doors and vehicles. Consider using bright LED lights that are motion-sensor activated. When the lights come on due to motion, you are alerted that something—or someone—is nearby. They also can startle someone who is not supposed to be on your property.

The best ways to secure your vehicle and its contents are to lock it and to lock any valuables out of sight in the glove compartment or trunk.

Other recommendations:

  1. Consider installing an alarm system.
  2. Maintain an inventory list of valuable items, such as jewelry, tools, equipment and antiques. You also may want to keep a photographic record of the items. It’s important to make sure those items have the proper insurance; because if they were stolen, you’d want them to be replaced.
  3. Review your property on a regular basis to make sure nothing is out of place or missing.
  4. Report all thefts—big or small—to the police.
  5. Keep bushes and trees trimmed so you have clear view of your yard.
  6. Never leave a ladder outside your home; that’s easy access for an intruder.
  7. Make safety a community effort; f you see something suspicious on your neighbors’ property, let them know so they can check it out.

Going on vacation?

  1. Notify a trusted neighbor if you will be away for an extended time. Let that person know if anyone such as a relative, contractor or pet sitter will be coming to your house.
  2. Ask someone to collect your mail, newspapers and packages until you return. A full mailbox and packages on the doorstep could indicate you aren’t home. It also invites mail and package theft.
  3. Put some interior lights on a timer so it looks like someone is home at night.