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Keep your home looking sharp with matching roof and siding repairs

Keep your home looking sharp with matching roof and siding repairs

Virginia weather is unpredictable, and your home can be severely damaged by hail, rain and wind.

Depending on your homeowners policy, weather damage to roofing and siding is a covered loss, but only to the damaged portion. In some cases, this can lead to mismatched materials being used for a repair, giving your home an undesirable appearance.

“Your insurance will pay to replace the damaged roofing and siding, but the problem is that you’re left with the undamaged roofing and siding that doesn’t match the repaired areas,” said Lisa Whitus, personal and commercial lines underwriting manager for Virginia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. “If your home’s cosmetic appearance is important to you, it’s a good idea to consider paying a little extra for the matching of undamaged siding and roofing endorsement on your homeowner policy.”

In the event of a covered loss, the endorsement also will pay for matching services for the undamaged roofing and siding based on the coverage limits selected by the policyholder.

Homeowners can purchase $20,000 in coverage with sub-limits of $10,000 each for roofing and siding for an annual premium of $50. Likewise, $40,000 and $60,000 in coverage with the same 50-50 sub-limit splits may be purchased with annual premiums of $75 and $100, respectively.